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Technology Award i

s China's highes▓t and most esteemed national science honor.The award is given out each year to no more than two scientists.▓ Winners receive a cash prize of 5-million yuan, or over 730-thousand US

and Technology Award is China's hi

dollars. It honors important breakthroughs i▓n basic scientific research, with far-reaching influen▓ce.It also rewards prominent scientists who have generated enormous economic returns or facili

g▓hest and most esteemed national

tated soci▓al progress.The first State Supreme Science and Tec▓hnology Award was given in 2000. Mathematician Wu Wenjun and hybrid-rice expert Yuan Longping were the deserving r▓ecipients.Two academicians won the award the following yea▓r. They were computer scientist Wang Xuan from Peking

science honor. The award is giv

University and semi-conductor expert Huang Kun from the Chinese Academy of Sciences.No winner was annou▓nced for the Supreme Award in 2004. It was the first and only time in the history of the award.In 2008, ne▓urologist Wang Zhongcheng and chemist Xu Guangxian shared the Supreme Award.Th

en out each year to no more than t

e Natural Science Award, the Tec▓hnology Innovation Award, and the Science and Tech▓nology Advancement Award are the three major science awa▓rds handed out at the state level.The Natural Science Award honors achievements in basic research and applications. This includes math, physics, chemi

wo scientists. Winners receive a

stry, astronomy, geology, biology and other disciplines. In the past ten years, there have only been winners on 3 occasions.The Technology Innovation Award honors important inventions for manufacturing, processing, and material and systems research. The award declared its first winners ?/p>

cash prize of 5-million yuan, or

坕n 2004.The Science and Technology Advancement Award focuses on projects crucial to social progress, state security, and social well-being.The International Science and Technology Cooperation Award honors foreigners o▓r international organizations that have contributed to the advancement

over 730-thousand US dollars. It honors important bre▓akt

hroughs in basic scientific research, with far-reachin

of China's science and technology fields.China's State Science and Technology Awards are offe▓red in five categories. And while some have more than one w▓inner every year, others are more elusive. The State


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y 12-meter-wide display. T▓he colorful array can shift into 12 different patterns using its design program. The 47-meter-high double-helix structure reflects basic life science.The new p

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hase of the China Science & Technology Museum has held i▓ts opening ceremony, finally open


ing its gate to eager science lovers after three years of construction. Judging from its ext


mobile -- Beijing Jeep▓ Corporation, Ltd., which went through the revitalization and decline o?/p>

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